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  • Computer
    In today's society, knowledge in computers has become essential. This importance translates into the need for effective...
  • Math/Science
    For many students, math and science is memorizing formulas and calculating. However, at our Betterblue Academy ,...
  • Computer Graphic
    For website development and computer graphic design, students should know how to use design software such as...
  • Language
    Our society is becoming globalized, so knowledge in various languages translates to competitive edge over others. We...

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  • POS
    This system is connected with sales of a business and needless to say, a very important part of a business. Our system…
  • WEB
    Yoon Solutions provides businesses, schools, stores, religious groups, and etc with website s that generate great publicity …

News & events

  • ZooLand indoor playground
    Open new website for ZooLand indoor playground www.zoolandplay.com ZooLand is located in Maple,... more
  • St.George Academy website
    Developed new website for St.George Academy,http://www.stgeorgeacademy.com/   St. George Academy (BSID#666564) is an... more
  • Accounting Company website
    Developed new website for Accounting Company, www.franciskim.ca   Go to Accounting Company website... more
  • Yoon Solutions moved to New Office
    Yoon Solutions moved to new office named World on Yonge which is located... more
  • World in Canada
    The website of World in Canada is opened. World in Canada is Canada... more
    The website of WEVIG is opened. WEVIG is providing portal service to Korean... more