About Yoon Solutions

Welcome to YoonSolutions.

At Yoon Solutions, we provide services including education, consulting, software development, web development, and hardware sales in Canada as well as North America .

Information is continually becoming important assets to businesses. A company which efficiently manages information holds a key to competitive advantage and thus implementing the right solution for your business is becoming more and more important.

At Yoon Solutions, our education system ( Yoon Academy ) has highly qualified teachers who will teach with a passion and their proven teaching techniques will help students to understand core concepts.

In addition to our education, our knowledge and expertise in solutions is continually being acknowledged by our customers. Currently, we have Hospital Patient Information Management, Employee Time and Attendance Management, Logitech, POS (Point-of-sale), and security systems and more are currently being developed. Our systems are known for security, reliability, and for ease of use, and our functionality is top of the class.

Recently, web-based solutions have increased in demand in Canada . Our website development services including e-shopping mall and groupware solutions are making important contributions to many businesses.

image_1Our custom computers as well as other hardware are being acknowledged for our quality and performance. We use only the best device and our know-how to build high quality and high performance machines cannot be matched by are competitors. Our hardware is all backed by the best service.

We also provide consulting services with our expertise in Network Setup, creating database, server, and implementing various systems. Our consulting team will provide expert opinions to setup your IT to gain you the competitive advantage.

IT will continually become more important in gaining you the edge over your competitors. At YoonSolutions, we will help you grow your business to prosperity.

At Yoon Solutions, we do not believe in short term gains. Our vision is to continuously support our customers to grow their business and we believe in forming long-run relationships with our customers. Contact us, and we will get you started for a brighter future.

Thank you.

What we offer

Academic Programs

Yoon Solutions offers specialized academic support programs for students who are looking for an intensive, focused, and customized approach to mastering the skills necessary for academic success and university preparation.


This system is connected with sales of a business and needless to say, a very important part of a business. Our system blows away the competition in terms of ease of use and reliability.


Yoon Solutions provides businesses, schools, stores, religious groups, and etc with website s that generate great publicity. We design websites that engage visitors that will increase your traffic and sales.