Hospital Patient Information Management System

This system can be easily implemented to Dental, Eastern Medicine, and other clinics that require scheduling, symptoms, treatment, prescription, and other general patient information management. Our HPIMS will be able to efficiently and easily manage patients’ information.


  • Patient information Management
  • Manage patients’ symptoms
  • Manage patients’ treatment
  • Manage patients’ prescription
  • Appointment scheduling management
  • History management

Employee Time and Attendance System

ETAS manages time employees check-in and out with high security authentication system.

Our ETAS includes authentication through bar-code, identification, and biometric finger printer, and each system at different branches can be collectively managed from headquarter

Furthermore, our solution is connected with Accpac accounting system which is most widely implemented in Canada to automatically calculate employee wages, including overtime wages.

Customer Information Management System

The most important part of business is customer management. Customer information and their history lead to better customer service, which in turn lead to higher profits.

  • Customer information management
  • Customer history management
  • Funds and points management
  • Appointment schedule management
  • Customer relation management